pokemon concours sang froid

Beauté Balle Graine, Danse fleur, Feuille magik, Giga-sangsue, Lance-soleil, Méga-sangsue, Tranch'herbe, Vol-vie Danse pluie Robustesse Ball'météo, Bulle d'O, Cascade, Claquoir, Écume, Fatal-foudre, Gicledo, Hydrocanon, Occroupi, Pince-masse, Pistolet à O, Plongée, Siphon, Surf, Tourniquet, Vibraqua Détritus Robustesse Bomb-beurk Doux parfum Grâce Coupe, Éclate-griffe, Faux-charge, Pince-masse, Taillade.
Born to be a winner, Johto!
We have concours sapin de noël touched the moon, surfed on the stars We have seen their light, the colours that she reveals We will come back an other time, yes it is sworn We must leave Oh-oh-oh!I want to become the best trainer, Like no one before.Parfois, on gagne ou on perd, Tu sais ce que tu dois faire.An other question, an other mystery When you are ready for me I feel light All we can achieve The will stand on our side We are finally together Friends who are together Come for we meet We are ready to face We are strong.Rien n'est jamais noir ou blanc!The people danced, hissed the airs we lived we wanted, but it's time That we wait Oh-oh-oh!
You will survive Find the power to do what you must.Laisse-toi guider, tu feras les bons pas.Born to be a winner.Né pour être vainqueur, Johto!J'en ai rêvé toute ma vie, Le moment est arrivé, De prouver qui je suis, Je vais me surpasser!Pokémon, Pokémon It's a matter of challenge In this new world, Begins a new life New enemies If you fight for your survival, You will emerge greater Diamond and Pearl Pokémon!

(Darkrai) Vois ce monde nouveau, (Pokémon) Je te suivrai où que tu ailles (Darkrai) Nous serons les héros (Pokémon) Nous serons les héros (Pokémon) Nous serons les héros (Pokémon) Nous serons les héros (Pokémon) (Pokémon) A new day, a new struggle A new chance.
Take advantage of the calm during the day to fill your forest with all kinds of traps that are as inventive as they are deadly.